The home inspection process may vary depending on the inspector you choose. However, specific services typically come with a qualified inspection. Don’t be afraid to ask about what services the inspector will provide before hiring one for the job. Finding a professional who performs a thorough inspection will ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Common Services to Expect During a Home Inspection

A reputable inspector will provide an unbiased and accurate inspection that delivers an in-depth analysis of the property. Whether you are preparing to buy a home or evaluate your current home, they will assess all exterior and interior components and home systems, including basement, roof, heating, cooling and ventilation, plumbing, insulation, electrical, and property structure like the foundation.

Other available inspection services include a home energy audit and mold, termite, or septic inspections.

A typical home inspection takes between two and four hours. However, it may require more time depending on the property size and thoroughness of the inspector. In most cases, the homeowner or prospective buyer is welcome to be there at the inspection appointment to ask questions. During the assessment, the inspector will look at all the components and systems to visually inspect the property’s condition.

Following the inspection, the inspector will give you a detailed written report of their findings—typically within two days of the appointment. The report will include any home defects or issues. Some inspectors also provide a list of recommended repairs and replacements.

Benefits of Choosing a Trusted Home Inspector

Finding a home inspector you can trust will make the entire process easier and more successful. The right inspector will have a checklist. They can provide the list to ensure you know exactly what they will cover during the process. They will take their time performing the inspection, so you can trust the report gives you a complete understanding of the property’s condition and necessary repairs. Plus, the report will be clear and concise without confusing technical jargon.

It’s even better if you can find an inspector who offers follow-up services to connect you with professional repair services to resolve critical issues they uncover during the inspection.

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