Identifying major red flags for a property during a home inspection can save you a lot of money and stress after the purchase. For example, certain signs indicate a property that must have repairs before the home will be inhabitable. Other issues may lead to an offer renegotiation or complete withdrawal from the transaction. When you know these problems upfront, you can prevent making a purchase you will regret for years to come.

Some of the biggest red flags in a home inspection include:

Structural Issues

A property’s structure keeps it standing upright and safe to inhabit. Issues like weak or damaged load-bearing walls or foundation cracks mean the property must have a professional repair, or else it can ruin the home and make it unsafe for your family.

Red flag signs of a problematic foundation are misaligned window and door frames and warped front steps. A foundation issue will only become more severe without qualified repair. You will need to consider whether you want to invest in the repair, renegotiate, or get out of the purchase altogether.

Outdated Electrical Wiring

If you are interested in purchasing an older or historic home, one red flag may be outdated electrical wiring. Was the property built before 1930? This increases the chance the wiring will be knob and tube style, which is an unsafe and obsolete electrical wiring system. Older electrical systems will increase your insurance rates and the risk of electrical fire. And, it will limit the functionality of the home’s appliances and outlets. For many homebuyers, the hassle and safety concerns with outdated electrical wiring make a purchase far less appealing.


Finding out a property has a mold issue during the inspection has ended many home purchase transactions. Unfortunately, mold is dangerous and expensive to eliminate. And, few home buyers are interested in getting into a property that requires mold remediation services before they can move in. The inspector will help you determine if it is a minor issue that requires a good cleaning or a significant issue that needs professional remediation.

Termite Infestation

Like mold, termite infestations are another red flag many homebuyers do not want to encounter. While most homes will have ants or spiders from time to time, a major termite infestation can damage the foundation, making the home unsafe for your family. Other problematic pest infestations include rodents, carpenter ants, and dangerous spiders.

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