It’s finally time for the final walkthrough. Should you prepare a new construction home checklist beforehand? During the inspection, every detail counts. This is your last chance to make any changes or repairs around the property. Here’s what you should review before accepting the keys to your new build:

Home Exterior

The outside of your newly constructed home should look pristine. The landscaping should meet your specifications, and the paint should be free of any streaks, drips, or cracks. Now is also the time to make sure the trim is smooth and tightly secured. Be on the lookout for warped wood or improperly installed fittings.

It’s also wise to inspect all exterior doors and windows. Do they open and close easily? Are they tightly sealed? Let your builder know if you notice any loose glass panels or misaligned doors. These issues will cause insulation problems if not addressed right away.


A solid, well-built foundation is a must. The ground around your home should slope away from the foundation. Use a garden hose to ensure water doesn’t leave puddles around the foundation. If you notice erosion around the slab, report it to your builder immediately. Foundation problems only worsen with time, so it’s best to correct grading issues before you accept the keys.

Roof and Gutters

A properly installed roof will protect your new build from the elements. The shingles should lay flat and fit together tightly, and a tile roof should be free of cracks. Flashings should fit securely around venting. Be on the lookout for gaps or warping that will reduce the efficacy of the roof. You should also make sure the gutters and downspouts redirect water away from the property and are free of debris.

Interior Finishings

When you walk through the inside of your new home, be sure to inspect all the finishings. The interior details should match the contract and meet your expectations. Ask yourself these questions during the inspection:

  • Do the carpet seams match?
  • Are there any loose tiles?
  • Did the builder install the correct appliances?
  • Do all the electrical outlets have power?
  • Does the HVAC system operate properly?
  • Is the plumbing system up to code?
  • Are there any nicks or scratches on the cabinets or countertops?
  • Does the painting look uniform?
  • Is all the trim and molding in place?

Double-check that your home includes all upgrades, including appliances, countertops, or lighting fixtures. If any finishings are missing or unsatisfactory, your builder should correct the issue before closing on the home.

Trust Your New Build with a Licensed Home Inspector

Classic City Home Inspection takes the guesswork out of the final walkthrough. Our licensed home inspectors will look over every nook and cranny of your new home to ensure it’s move-in ready. And if we notice any issues along the way, we’ll notify your builder. You won’t have to worry about any unwanted surprises after closing on your home.

Ready to schedule a walkthrough? Contact Classic City Home Inspection to make sure you don’t overlook anything on your new construction home checklist.