Pre-Purchase Inspections

Feel confident with your home buying decision by having a pre-purchase inspection performed before you buy. Classic City Home Inspection has worked with new home buyers in the Athens area for years, helping them to make well informed purchases thanks to thorough and professional pre-purchase home inspections. So, schedule an appointment today to make sure your new home is in good shape.

What does a pre-purchase inspection consist of?

A pre-purchase inspection includes a full inspection of the entire home to provide a buyer with an accurate assessment of the home. This can include:

Our comprehensive and professional services cover every part of the home from the roof to the foundation! Most importantly, we follow the standards of practice for the state of Georgia and provide clearly written reports, free from any technical jargon. After pre-purchase home inspections, we can help set priorities for repairs as well as provide follow-up services to resolve any issues found during the inspection.

Get Your Potential New Home Inspected Today

Our professional home inspectors are always thorough and enjoy taking the time to inspect each home with the client. And, they will answer your questions and give you advice about any repairs that the homeowner needs to make.

So, make sure you are provided with an accurate evaluation of the home’s value. Schedule an appointment with Classic City HI for all of pre-purchase inspections. Call us at (706) 614-7308 or fill out our contact form today!