Multi-Family Property Inspections

Multi-Family Property Inspections

Classic City HI has extensive experience performing thorough real estate inspections on small-to-large apartment and condo buildings with multiple family tenants. Multifamily Property Inspections focus on providing properties with multiple tenants valuable information about the condition of multiple living units. For accurate and thorough multifamily property inspections, contact the team at Classic City HI by calling (706) 614-7308 or filling out our contact form!

What to expect

A multifamily property inspection will thoroughly inspect all tenant living spaces and their individual systems. Our team of licensed home inspectors respect the time and space of those living in the property and the owner of the property by ensuring our inspections do not intrude or disrupt the schedule of those involved. We’ll work with your needs to ensure the inspection runs smoothly and is easy to complete.

A multifamily property inspection includes a wide variety of aspects to provide the most accurate assessment of the property’s condition. The roof is inspected to determine if a replacement is needed or if repairs are needed to keep the property protected. The foundation of the property is inspected to determine it’s strength and longevity. All of the systems of the house are inspected thoroughly to ensure they are functioning efficiently and don’t need additional repairs. We’ll inspect the HVAC system to ensure your home is being heated and cooled properly and will continue to be the right temperature when tough weather hits. Every aspect of the electrical system will be inspected to make sure your home is safe from electrical problems and your electricity bill remains low.

Our team has experience working with all kinds of multifamily housing, including condos, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. We work closely with both the tenants and the property owners to provide an easy and efficient multifamily property inspection. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to learn more about our property inspections!