Investor Property Inspections

Investor Property Inspections

Before purchasing a property, be sure to have the experts at Classic City HI perform an investor property inspection so that you understand the true value and condition of the property. Investor property inspections should also be performed periodically during ownership of the property to identify any damages and defects that need fixing. Call the team at Classic City HI to schedule an investor property inspection today!

What does an investor property inspection include?


The goal of an investor property inspection is for the property owner to obtain an accurate understanding of the condition of the property. Multi-unit properties that are rented out by other individuals especially should maintain a regular schedule of property inspections to keep updated on the condition of systems that are often neglected by tenants.

A typical investor property inspection will include a visual inspection of the building and the surrounding property for noticeable damages and potential for future damages. Structural systems, such as the foundation, floors, walls, are also inspected to find defaults. Electrical systems such as wiring, HVAC systems, and receptacles are all inspected to determine efficiency and to resolve any needed repairs. Essentially, a full coverage of all systems (water, heating, cooling, electrically, light, and drainage) are inspected to provide the property owner with a reliable and professional evaluation of the property.

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