Preparing to close on a new home purchase is an exciting time. You may be thinking about how to decorate the new space and when to have friends over for that first dinner party. In all of the excitement and chaos, don’t forget to plan for home maintenance. Performing and scheduling the necessary maintenance services will help retain property value and prevent unnecessary and costly repairs. Keep reading for five tips to get home maintenance right:

#1: Schedule Professional Home Inspection Before the Purchase

Before you purchase a home, scheduling a comprehensive professional home inspection with an experienced inspector is crucial. A qualified inspector will identify any potential problems that are lurking, so you can know exactly what you are buying. It’s important to know in advance if you will need to pay for repairs right away and if the roof and other features are in optimal condition. You may even be able to negotiate the selling price, depending on what the inspector finds. Either way, the inspection will ensure you can budget appropriately for repairs and minimize unwanted surprises after closing.

#2: Replace HVAC Filters Regularly

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect the heating and cooling equipment in your home is to change the air filters regularly. For a typical, pet-free home, change the filter every three months. Change it every two months if you have pets. By keeping fresh air filters in your HVAC, you will be extending the lifespan of the equipment, protecting your investment, and ensuring your home’s climate control is comfortable.

#3: Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Staying on top of maintenance for your home’s HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roof will protect your property value while preventing unnecessary and costly repairs and replacements. Make it easy on yourself and set reminders on your calendar to schedule maintenance with reputable companies.

#4: Trim the Trees on Your Property

Keep an eye on the trees on your property and perform regular trimming to prevent branches from touching your roof or the exterior of your home. Doing this will protect your house and prevent pests and rodents from damaging the property. If you aren’t excited about the idea of climbing up a ladder to trim, hire a professional tree trimming service.

#5: Schedule a Home Inspection Every 3-5 Years

In addition to the initial home inspection before purchasing a home, scheduling ongoing inspections every three to five years is a good idea. An inspector will help you catch problems that require repair, so you can keep your property value high. If you decide to sell your home, regular inspections will prevent surprises as you get your home sale-ready.

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