Foreclosure Inspections

Foreclosure Inspections

It can be tempting to rush into buying a foreclosed house based only on the premise of price, but make sure you have a foreclosure inspection done first to make sure you know the condition of the house. Classic City HI has worked in the Athens area, as well as surrounding regions, for years to provide accurate and thorough home inspection services. When you need a foreclosure inspection you can trust, contact the team at Classic City Home Inspection.

Foreclosure Inspections can provide potential buyers with more valuable information about the condition of the home, and give them leverage to pursue a price negotiation. It’s always best to have a foreclosure inspection done before buying a home to ensure that you know the exact condition of the home before signing the final papers. Finding out the condition of a bank owned home can be difficult, but a foreclosure inspection provides all the details a potential buyer could need. ‘

During a foreclosure inspection, we’ll check for things such as:

– Electrical system damage

– Vandalism and break-ins

– Wild animals

– Mold and water damage

– Plumbing issues

– Structure issues

– And More

Make sure you understand the condition of the home before making a purchasing decision! Contact the team at Classic City HI today by filling out the contact form or giving us a call to set up a foreclosure inspection appointment.