Energy Audit Inspections

Athens, GA Energy Audit Inspections

Classic City Home Inspections is proud to work in Athens, GA, as well as the surrounding areas, to provide families and businesses with home inspections they can count on. Our energy audit inspections are performed by our team of experts with years of experience both working and living in the area. These energy audits aim to determine the cause of any issues a building might be experiencing and provide clear steps on how to fix the issues and reduce energy bills. Our energy audit inspections also assess the home’s energy use to determine areas that can improved to save you money.

Our energy audit inspections start off by pressurizing your house and locating all those cold drafts and the air leaks that cause them. We then move on to evaluating your existing insulation in addition to evaluating your appliances, lighting, and anything that uses energy or contributes to overall efficiency.

An energy audit inspection from Classic City HI includes:

– Heating system test and evaluation
– Cooling system test and evaluation
– Combustion Safety and Efficiency Tests
– Combustible gas leak & CO Test
– Water heating system inspection
– Air duct system inspection
– Insulation and ventilation inspection
– Door and window evaluation
– Blower Door Test – Air-sealing inspection
– Infrared Inspection Survey
– Appliance and lighting efficiency evaluation

Following the inspection, we will report on the correction of any comfort and performance problems you are having in addition to recommending improvements as part of our report. These may include measures such as: air-sealing and duct-sealing, adding insulation, installation of energy-efficient lighting, adding ventilation and if needed, upgraded HVAC equipment or windows. Most homes require a combination of solutions to resolve energy issues. Our team will walk you through your options and the energy audit report to ensure that you are fully equipped to make the best decision for your home or commercial building.

Make an appointment with the energy auditors at Classic City HI today by filling out our contact form or giving us a call! We’d love to provide you with an expert energy audit to see how you can save money on electricity.