You found a great house in your dream neighborhood. But should you conduct a home inspection before making an offer on it? The answer really depends on the market. Homebuyers search high and low for the perfect place to move. Getting caught up in the moment is easy, which is why a professional inspection is a must. Here’s when you should book an inspector to check out a potential property.

Before or After, Which One Is Right for You?

Real estate experts agree. Buying a home without having it inspected is a recipe for disaster. But should you do it before or after you put in an offer? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you afford multiple inspections? Inspecting a home before making an offer can be risky. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the property. The buyer might not even consider your bid at all. And you could end up paying for several inspections on different properties.
  • Is the seller motivated? Properties that sit on the market usually have more wiggle room when negotiating. Motivated sellers will gladly wait for inspection results. And they may lower the asking price if the inspection reveals some problems.

Inspect Before in a Hot Seller’s Market

In a seller’s market, real estate properties close in record times. Money-driven sellers want to find a buyer fast. Many even pressure buyers to waive offer contingencies, such as inspections. Instead, buyers have to make split-second decisions about putting in a bid. And many must offer above the asking price to seal the deal.

Forgoing an inspection is never a wise idea. A staged house might look picture-perfect at first glance, but expensive structural problems could be lurking behind the walls. Hiring an inspector before the offer could save you from buying a money pit.

Inspect After in a Lukewarm or Buyer’s Market

The real estate market continually waxes and wanes. When things are more in the buyer’s favor, houses tend to sit on the market for much longer. This gives buyers the upper hand when shopping. They have more time to contemplate making an offer. And sellers are more likely to come down in price.

Always schedule a thorough inspection in a buyer’s market after putting in an offer. You never know what surprises—good or bad—might arise. If the inspector finds minor issues, you can adjust your offer. Major problems, such as foundation, electrical, or code violations, cost more to fix. You might choose to walk away from the house entirely.

Get Peace of Mind with a Professional Home Inspection

Classic City Home Inspection wants to streamline your home buying experience. Our licensed home inspectors will explore every inch of the property, searching for any potential issues. We’ll report our findings to you—the good, the bad, and the ugly. With us on your side, you can close with confidence.

Ready to buy another house? Contact Classic City Home Inspection to find out if we recommend scheduling your home inspection before making an offer or after.