Can you hire a home inspector to check for termites? Short answer—absolutely! And you should. There’s nothing worse than moving into the home of your dreams, only to discover winged insects making a meal out of the wood. Not only are termites a gross nuisance, but their ravenous appetites cause thousands of dollars in damage. A quick inspection could have saved you from this costly nightmare.

Termites are small, ranging from one-eighth of an inch to one inch long. Many people confuse them for flying ants. But since they like to hide in dark, woody places, you may never actually see one up close. Here’s how your home inspector can check for termites and spot these residential terrors.

Blisters on Hardwood Floors

Homebuyers expect to find some damage on original hardwood floors. Without an inspection, buyers might mistake termites for regular wear and tear. Wood floors are a termite’s dream. They slowly eat the thought the grain, leaving blister-like bumps behind.

Grooved Wood Surfaces

Cellulose is a termite’s preferred meal. But the insects can’t get it from the exterior of a wooden surface. Instead, they have to burrow deep inside the wood to reach it. As they eat the cellulose, the wood becomes weaker. The inner layers take on a honeycomb-like texture, and the outside might develop strange grooves.

Maze of Mud Tubes

Ever wonder why you don’t see termites flying around everywhere? They spend most of their time underground. Instead of knocking on the front door to gain entry, they burrow into a home’s foundation. As they move around, these insects leave behind a maze of mud tubes. However, termites aren’t the only insects that build mud tubes. These tunnels might also indicate the presence of mud dauber wasps.

Piles of Wings

Most mystical creatures don’t ditch their wings, but termites do. They only fly when swarming to a new location. Once they arrive at their destination, the insects shed their wings, and these houseguests never pick them up after themselves. Instead, they leave piles of wings near the entry. A bunch of transparent bug wings is a good indicator of a termite infestation.

Check for Termites & Get Peace of Mind Before You Move

When you buy a new-to-you home, you don’t want to discover any hidden surprises after you move in. But a simple walkthrough won’t tell you the entire story. A thorough home inspection before closing is the best way to avoid purchasing a money pit. Inspectors know how to spot most issues, including electrical, foundation, plumbing, and even termites.

Classic City Home Inspection wants to ensure the home of your dreams also has the fewest problems. We’ll look over every inch of the property, taking notes along the way. You’ll be able to review our report to make an informed decision. Our licensed home inspector has many years of experience, so you can rest assured you won’t uncover any hidden infestations once you close.

Wonder if that home you like is harboring a winged infestation? Contact Classic City Home Inspection to have the house checked for termites before you sign on the dotted line.