Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections

Construction inspections are the best way to ensure that a new property or home is ready for move-in and safe for use. A new home construction inspection by the team at Classic City HI provides property owners with peace of mind before the construction project ends.

Our licensed home inspectors will pre-test installed components to ensure they are working properly before you move in or being using the property. We’ll also inspect electrical systems, HVAC systems, roofing structures, foundation structures, and more to make sure that the construction is being completed according to quality standards. A construction inspection from Classic City HI will help you feel confident in your construction project.

By requesting a construction inspection from Classic City HI, you’ll also be able to give a punch-list of items to your builder to change before the construction project is over. In this way, you can avoid unexpected repairs and problems after the construction project is finished.

To schedule a construction inspection with the team at Classic City HI, call us at (706) 614-7308 or fill out our contact form!