Is it possible for a house to get a failing score on its home inspection? No, that’s not how it works. A home inspection is not a pass-fail test. Instead, it’s a professional examination and assessment of the home’s current condition and safety.
Rather than issuing a pass or fail grade, the inspector identifies aspects of the home that require repair or replacement. The inspector then gives these areas a rating. The inspector’s job is to identify areas of the home that are deficient, near the end of service life, not functioning properly, or are unsafe.

What Does the Inspector’s Report Include?

There are several primary conditions the inspector will look for during the inspection, including:

Once the inspector has completed the inspection, they will provide a report that lists any problems the inspector identified. There are often symbols and codes the inspector will explain and use throughout the report to let the buyer or seller understand the home’s condition, areas of concern, and the best course of action moving forward. For example, “F” typically stands for “functional,” while “D” stands for “defective.”

Most reports contain the following sections:

  • General information about the inspection conditions
  • Detailed analysis of each of the home’s systems and components
  • Photo documentation of problems
  • Summary and rating for each area of concern

What If an Inspector Finds Significant Problems During the Inspection?

As a buyer, a qualified home inspection from a trusted inspector helps you know what you are getting into with a home purchase. You may decide there are too many problems, and it’s in your best interests to keep shopping. Or, you may use the information from the report to negotiate the selling price or request repairs or replacement before you buy. Either way, understanding the details of the home inspection, including all of the ratings, is essential to the home buying process.

Get Peace of Mind with an Inspection from Athens GA’s Top Home Inspectors

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