Basement Inspections

Basement Inspections

One of the most important inspection areas of the home is the basement. This area below the first floor of the home can be full of headroom space, crawl space, both finished and unfinished rooms, and electrical and plumbing systems that help the rest of the home function. Because of the basement’s proximity to the foundation of the home, as well as the other variable that often go unnoticed or touched, it’s important to have a thorough basement inspection performed on a home before purchase and every few years after to ensure that the home is still safe.

Basement Inspection

A typical basement inspection duration depends on the size and scope of the actual basement. As some basements have been finished and fully constructed while others remain unfinished and full of debris, a best estimate of time and pricing cannot be determined until after the consultation or appointment is made.

During a basement inspection, our professional home inspectors will assess the walls, floor, plumbing, electrical units, foundation, crawl spaces, and much more to determine the safety of the basement. Our inspections seek out areas of mold and damage in order to make an accurate assessment of the value of the basement/home as well as areas that need specific improvements. We want you and your family to live safely in your home, which is why we provide inspections that are thorough and professional to make assessments about every aspect of your basement and home.

If you notice rot, mold, mildew, or damage to the structure of your basement, call Classic City HI! We’ll inspect your basement to find the source of the problem and offer advice for the best actions to take. If you’re looking to purchase or sell your home and you need an accurate value assessment, give us a call and our team of expert home inspectors will provide a valuable assessment to help you know the true value.